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Our Vision

Adfam is a national charity working to help and better the life for families who are affected by alcohol and drugs. Here at Adfam, we desire to provide help for persons influenced by someone else's alcohol or drug abuse, and also give them a chance to be a part of a supportive community and to enjoy mental and bodily well being.

Alcohol and drug abuse can endanger and eventually ruin family relations and harmony.

Our Mission

We engage family members and caregivers collective participation support to change this course of direction.

What We Appreciate

We listen to families and workers in order to help People who have experienced these type of problems most likely can provide some solutions. We get informed by our supporters: with the help of sympathy and confirmation we advice, engage, and help both the individuals who are influenced by a friend or family member's drug abuse and those who support them. For individuals we assemble skills, assets, confidence and pathways to help them themselves, their companions, customers, and communities.

We Are Inspired By What Works

Substance abuse has a diverse and intense effect on family relations and happiness. We focus on things that give results in reality and we do our work seriously and carefully. We've designed programs that allows individuals and institutions the opportunity for making informed choices also encourage them to drop bad habits to health and wellness progress. We depend upon the support of friends and associates for guidance and direction.

We Take Our Goal Seriously

We focus on providing the best quality of work to our clients as we are not kidding about our work and our organisation. We promise to treat families and individuals affected by drugs and alcohol with dignity and respect because we know that stigma and prejudice are barriers to recovery and can cause harm.

With Whom Do We Work

  • Family members, friends and carers - We support persons influenced by another's drug or alcohol abuse, and help them to make sure that they have a stake in the problems that affect them.
  • Frontline workers - We train workers to have confidence and capability so we can rest assured they will be useful and efficient in their work.
  • Decision-makers- We make sure that main local and national decision-makers know the problems that families deal with on a daily basis and we try to engage with them and affect their decisions.

Ready to Get Help?

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